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Student Tuesdays -25%

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Team Havlíčkův Brod

Hello! I am Tomáš Kulíšek and I am the manager of this branch. I am in the position of ADVANCED BARBER and I will be very happy if you come to me for a haircut.


My name is Hanka Dubová and I am in the position 
ADVANCED BARBER. My work has become my hobby for me, and therefore I will be happy if you make an appointment with me.

havl -dubova.png

Hi, I'm Vojtěch Vandas. I really enjoy cutting hair. I am a JUNIOR BARBER at Royal


Price list and services

Classic cut

Tailored haircut, hair washing, eyebrow shaping, drying, styling
(30 - 45 min.)

CZK 370

Beard trimming (beardtrim)

Care of a grown beard - trimming, hot towel, contour shaving with a razor, moisturizing balm, face massage
(30 min.)

CZK 320

Classic cut + Beard trim (beardtrim)

A combination of services at a discounted price
(60 - 75 min.)

CZK 620

Shaving the head with a clipper

Cut with a machine without using scissors
(30 min.)

CZK 290

Childrens cut (from 6 years to 12 years)

Tailored haircut, styling, possibly hair washing and drying
(30 min.)

CZK 280

Royal Max

Hair cutting, hair washing, deep treatment head massage, steaming with a hot towel, shaving face-treatment, removal of pores using a black mask, deep treatment face massage, eyebrow treatment, ear hair burning, nose hair removal, drying, styling
(90 min.)

CZK 1,070

Nose hair removal

Depilation with special hot wax
(5 min.)

CZK 35

Shaving the face

Hot towel, face shaving, skin treatment,
cleansing facial massage
(30 min.)

CZK 320

Classic haircut + face shaving

A combination of services at a discounted price
(60 - 75 min.)

CZK 670

Shaving the head with a razor

Foam hydration, razor shaving, skin treatment,
cleansing massage of the skin

(30 min.)

CZK 320

Shaving the beard with a clipper

Shaving the beard with a trimmer without using a razor
(30 min.)

CZK 250

Hair tattoo

Classic cut, hair tattoo, hair washing, drying, styling
(from 30-75 min.)

from CZK 390

Treating head massage

Deep head massage with treatment products
(15 min.)

CZK 250

Beard coloring

Beard coloring with Italian Elgon cosmetics
(30 min.)

CZK 270

Black mask

Hot towel, black mask, facial cleansing
(30 min.)

CZK 90

Ceník a služby

Branch operator

HoffKell sro
Czech Republic

Responsible person

Robert Kellner
Headquarters: New sets 988/2,
Staré Brno, 602 00 Brno
ID: 09405798 
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